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Cookies and Cream: What People Are Saying About Black Women Dating White Men

I’m on WordPress browsing the tags to find other black 20 something (or close to it) women who blog. I wanted to see strong, controversial opinions with a sense of humor. I found it. But you’ll never guess what else I found.

I actually came across two blogs offering different perspectives on interracial dating between Black women and white men. (Don’t ask me why I capatalize “Black” and not “white.” It’s just a dirty little habit of mine.) On the one hand you have Robin Thicke seemingly discouraging white men and sistahs getting together. (His famous quote certainly caused at least a ripple in Black media, “there are only a few good white men out there for Black women.”) And then you have this: Advantages of Dating or Marrying a Black Woman.

Appreciating Black women is great, after all, I am one. But where do you draw the line between appreciation and fetish? How am to know when I’m being held up as an object of your affection or as simply an object? As a Black woman I’m wondering why the above site is specifically promoting white men and Black women. Is that question answered in the F.A.Q.’s?

Well anyway, no hostility here. I mean this is coming from a Black woman who sang (and thoroughly enjoyed) “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist” at karaoke because although I acknowledge that some shit is really fucked up, I can also see how stupidly sensitive we can be about it, and have a few laughs. But yeah, answer those 2 questions please?

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All puns intended...