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The Virgin Blood

The blood on the sheets was like a marker, a representation that I was new.

From my blood chronicles journal that I keep about my menstrual cycle:

Tonight I’m letting the blood just flow freely on the sheets, mattress and bed. I know her power now. 

She has the power to wash away doubts fears and worries like Oya brings the wind [and Yemeya, the water.] 
And my blood leaving my body brings a peace that I am turning over a new leaf.
And I did…I woke up and realized that I had been penetrated…by a new energy, of Trust, of Knowing, of Release, of Forgiveness.
I had forgiven myself for ever doubting that I could ever not be Loved. For feeling unloved. For forgetting that I am always connected to my Source, THE Source…My God…Us.
My cherry had been broken. Blood on the leaves…blood on the sheets.
I love the way Nature always makes everything new.