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My Body is a Temple…

It's a temple. Some temples are underground and secret and only the initiated can enter.

Some are for public worship, for the downtrodden and weary to find some solace, drop a burden of shame and guilt, or uncover a part of themselves that has been lost.

I prefer the latter in certain situations…

Sometimes I prefer the former.

What I’m saying is that…it’s my choice to choose how I want to display my body…

With the recent M. Cyrus happenings I realize we have hardly come that far when it comes to understanding this simple concept…

Showing your body is not defiling it. To display or express sexuality is certainly not a sin! It is natural, more so… it’s HEALTHY. It brings people together.

Case in point: My womb choice told me he watched a video of me shimmying (read: shaking my boobs) and he couldn’t be mad at me anymore. I mean people can say a lot about that but he has plenty other pictures of me naked and clothed, even TRYING to be sexy. But this clip, of me just wild and free, having fun in my natural state, with my body in a state of movement…this is what allowed him to drop any grievances he had against me.

I received a lot of flack for baring my breasts in the park because children might see. You take your children trick or treating…a holiday to celebrate some of the images we may see if we experience a dark night of the soul…and you even dress you children to make them appear bloody and beaten, or even like a cute little piece of candy to be eaten…but for them to see breasts…lol…is um….ok. Breastfeeding…well some people are against that too.

The insanity is beyond me. All I know is that it’s going to take a lot more people like me who, yes, have nothing better to do than to flounce around while naked. (I’ve been accused of having nothing better to do than to simply live and express myself as a natural being who feels it is everyone’s right to express themselves no matter how much it may disgust or alarm another individual…ok I may have to eat my words on that one, but you got me there!) Note that I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong or too simplistic…

But the best lives are simple…just let me live man. Nakedness and disrespect have nothing really to do with one another right now. I’m sick of the correlation being made especially when it comes to women and their value of themselves.

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Positive Post on the Trayvon Martin Case: A Woman’s Topfreedom in the Face of Tragedy

I didn’t follow the news. I never do, I’m ultra sensitive and can easily get caught up in the emotional manipulation of the mainstream media (and they’re not the only ones who do it). But I have to say I only saw other people’s words that could even begin to explain how I want to feel, choose to feel about the Trayvon Martin Case. The only way we can change is from within. I’m not quite sure how, but putting my attention on rallies and protests doesn’t seem to sit well with me, although I’m not knocking anyone else’s way of grieving, griping or growing. This sister, a living Goddess in her own right, chose to bare breasts and ‘love back’ (instead of fight back) with Topfreedom and a spiritual declaration of independence.

These are the words and picture of another. I was very touched by her fearlessness. I just want you to read the post. Look at the picture. Notice how your focus changes, even if just for a moment. This isn’t about sex… it’s about transmuting the energy of helplessness, it’s about knowing what is within your power to change, right here, right now. With Love…

topfree for trayvon

A powerful demonstration of peace, and love. But will the rest of the world ever understand? I think we will.

She writes:

Yemaya is considered the Mother Goddess in African Belief. ‘Mama Watta,’ as she is also known, presided over the Ogun River that she called home. Her breasts are full and large from birthing so many creations. It is said that Yemaya gave birth to all the world’s water. She is very distressed over the situation of her beloved Earth Mother, so pray to her for the Healing of Mother Earth..
I was approached by my loved one this morning… A request to post a picture of my breast for healing today for the men would kneel down and weep and receive restoration for today is heavy. I don’t know about for you but certainly not for me I see a large group of people in a lot of pain, fight back tears, wounded one more ‘gain for another one of Mother Earth’s children has transcended; and yes yes of course all is well and in divine order. Yet, on this plain of reality, it would be a lie to suggest that there is no pain, no aftermath, a crystal clean break, and everyone-meaning all mothers and the fathers of humanity are on sync with the “nothing-missing, nothing-broken” factor… Of course I rebuke the reality that this will ever be me, but I morn with the mother for the sons, hubbies, and fathers whom fit the profile of hoodie-wearing, or just looking-black, Indigenous enough [person]. For that was really his only crime on the surface….

So when I was first asked, I was apprehensive to posting. Although, in my gut it felt right the words he spoke. If in fact I truly did want to play my part in a non-violent way. This is a powerful solution the ancestors asked of me. Sacred energy, breast energy is the sacred healer, capable of healing all humanity if we will just let it flow freely or at the very least when called upon.. For I am devotee, I am ‘mama watta’ whose job is to heal the planet for it is her deepest desire to do so… Here is my gift of healing to humanity as you requested dear you, as I am highly compelled to channel mama Yemeyah for me, for my youth, for our world today… Releasing tears, I need to perform ritual tonight going to fetch watermelon and the nearest ocean water, might possibly be in my tub, but I have to clear this for the gathering season is upon us….

Stay strong. Be present, at all costs remain loving…even if you don’t choose to demonstrate in anyway, all is well. All choices are valid. Tough to stand on this peaceful stance in the face of tragedy and as much as I feel it is one’s right to demonstrate how they see fit…It is still a violent world. At least we have the internet. If you can open a mind…then I believe it is possible to change the world.

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This Friday Live: Radio Show will Discuss T.I.T.S. Movement and The Social Politics of Black Female Sexuality

My deepest fears of ridicule by the intellectual and academic world are being obliterated now that on this Friday, September 7th, 2012 I will be interviewed by Dr. Richard Cooper for his show “Karamu” (which means “feast” as in “food for thought,” click on his name for his bio), along with the former Director of the Human Sexuality Dept. at Widener University in Philadelphia, and more. Many students from the graduate program of Human Sexuality/Social work will be calling in to express their views. See the piece to be discussed, “Topfreedom: The Right to Bare Breasts” here. It promises to be TITillating!!!  Details outlined below:


Date: Friday September 7, 2o12

Time: 4:00PM EST

Show: 900 AM Wurd (

How Listen/Ask a Question: Call 866-361-0900 or 215-634-8065 or go to and CLICK ON PLAY BUTTON in the red banner at the top of the station’s website to stream LIVE! But you can’t join the conversation unless you call! 

I trust all of you will listen in and post your comments here. Again thank you for your support on my quest to raise important questions and seek personal liberation. Join me!

Update on 9/12/12: THE SHOW WENT WELL! Unfortunately,  the former Director of the Human Sexuality Dept. at Widener University in Philadelphia could not join us. Stay tuned for the recording of the show, as I will be sharing it with you as soon as it becomes available for listeners who missed it. Thanks again for the support!

Update on 5/3/2020: Going through my archives, removing the topfree photos as I feel they’ve done their work. There’s no link to that radio show now but you can listen to my very new podcast here. I can smell you following now…😊

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Topfreedom vs. Real Freedom

I woke up this morning with an intense need to discover what it truly means to experience real freedom. It’s the number one right out of all the basic human needs that people have fought and died for, because if you start with that all other needs will fall into place. I wonder why that is?  Right now in my heart body and soul I know exactly why the phrase “Give me liberty or give me death” became so popular, not only was it ironic that a president who would later be involved in the slave trade could say such a thing (and none of the textbooks throughout my day pointed out the irony) but even right now I am feeling restricted on many levels. The more research I do, I find that I have had liberties taken away on such deep and broad levels that I don’t even realize just how easily the neck of freedom can be crushed by the boot of oppression. To be honest, I don’t want to think about it.  The ultimate expression of being human is to express the essence of God in you. To me this is peace, love, and neutrality. Another important concept I associate with my idea of God is omnipotence. God is everywhere at all times, free, like the air, and to me that is a satisfying illustration of freedom. It gives me a sense of understanding about what it truly means to be free. There is the freedom to think for one’s self without being bombarded with media propaganda, the freedom to move about without being confined, the freedom to go anywhere in the world without having to show a document that says that you “belong” only to this or that country. I don’t know if we will ever live on that type of planet Earth, it seems we’ve g one too far away from having personal and collective liberty, and I don’t know what we will have to do to get it back.

For example, as a country, we have agreed to give up certain freedoms because we have been told by the government that it will make us safer. Freedom of privacy is one of the major ones that has been systematically chipped away. Now we have to identify ourselves so that our moves can be tracked, and more technology  is being introduced to the masses over time to streamline that process so that it’s even more efficient at predicting your next move by configuring all of your past ones. It’s a fear mongering technique to tell us that “there’s someone out to get us, so we need your cooperation on identifying every living soul on the planet” and it works, and it has caused us even to support killing others who were just minding their own business because we need to eradicate people who are “jealous of our lifestyle.” Do you see how our need for liberty can be politicized so that people can have their way with us as “citizens?”

If I had to choose a place that comes to mind when I think of freedom it would be California-The Sunshine State. The desert in Arizona might work for me as well. I feel like my time in The Big Apple is winding down. I never cared to much for apples anyway, but I have ALWAYS loved sunshine.

Feeling like I need a life plan, a way out of this madness of putting myself in positions where I must answer to someone, I stumbled upon a self determination assessment by the UIC NRTC Self-Determination Series EXPRESS YOURSELF! ASSESSING SELF-DETERMINATION IN YOUR LIFE, Prepared by Judith A. Cook, PhD, Carol Petersen, MA, and Jessica A. Jonikas, MA. It’s really intended for people with mental illnesses, but I say it’s arguable as to whether we aren’t mentally handicapped ourselves as a country, as a world, considering the ways we have been tricked into believing we are in a free country, a free world. Below is a list of statements that I pondered and realized that so many of them do not apply to me (i.e. “My basic human rights are respected” See my post on the Right to Bare Breasts), and that is simply unacceptable as a woman who is committed to exploring ways of living out my personal liberation (simply put: my dreams.)

How many of you can say yes to ALL of these statements? They only scratch the surface of what it really means to be free on every level of your being; they touch on economic freedom mostly, although some statements explore the freedom to choose who is around you. It’s kinda deep.  If you can honestly say yes to every statement, I will give you a virtual dollar. But the satisfaction in itself should be enough.


_____I decide whether to live alone or with someone else.

_____I control who can and can’t come into my home.

_____I can choose where I live.

_____I choose my own friends.

_____I decide whether or not to have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

_____I have people in my life who respect my values and choices.

_____I decide how to be part of my community.

_____If I want to go somewhere, transportation isn’t a problem.

_____I’m able to stand up for myself to get what I need.

_____I can deal with abuse, whether it’s verbal, sexual or physical.

_____My basic human rights are respected.

_____I’m free to choose the kinds of goals I want to pursue.

_____I’m able to choose my medical doctor.

_____I freely choose what kinds of medical treatment I get.

_____I decide how involved I want to be in my medical treatment.

_____I have the money I need to live the kind of life I want.

_____I have the final say over how I spend my money.

_____I’m able to control my finances in a way that enhances my life.

_____I feel responsible for my financial future.

_____I decide whether or not to work.

_____I choose what kind of work I do.

_____I choose where I work.

_____I know how to deal with prejudice and discrimination.

_____I’m able to avoid people who show prejudice toward me.

_____I have people in my life who accept me for me.


So, according to this list tell me, are you really free?

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Support and Attacks on Topfreedom and the T.I.T.S. Movement

As it stands, T.I.T.S. is a movement of one, physically. Although, in spirit, and through the power of their complaints, people are supporting or attacking the Right to Bare Breasts. I was almost arrested today. I quoted laws to the offending officers but none of that worked. The cops rolled up behind me while I was chillin, minding my business on a bench on the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, and told me that I could be arrested for endangering the welfare of a child because their parents were complaining about me being topless. They said they had about 10 or 20 people complain, and if they had waited, it could have been 50. I explained that children are not being harmed, and I am exercising my right. Besides, children breast feed up until 2 or 3 at times. They were angry and frustrated and said that I wasn’t using “common sense.” I guess today was a test, because this was my second day to do this on that location, and I wasn’t bothered before, but I quieted my solar plexus, my will, and I used my head and calculated what the physical, emotional, monetary, and long-term costs would be to be arrested at this time. Output=not worth it. Maybe another day, but I still refused to agree with their reasons as to why I should put my top back on. They asked for my ID, and I said “I’m complying by putting my clothes on, so I don’t understand why you would need that.” Today, I understood the power of threats and intimidation to get compliance. I had no fear, I just didn’t feel it would be worth it to go through the discomfort of being arrested. I suffered a migraine and emotional pain all night, thinking about the man who I would soon decide to let go, for my own good and his. I’m sure he won’t miss the long texts of me explaining how my needs aren’t being met, and I will enjoy the power of balance, discernment, and exercising my right to end the relationship. He actually told me the other day “You don’t make the rules here.” But what he failed to realize is….I DO, I WILL…and most importantly I AM THAT I AM. I created him, so I can create another reality. It really is my right. I choose to put my metaphorical top on and leave the park of that situation crying, just like I did today in real life, knowing in both situations that I avoided a totally unnecessary uncomfortable situation. Sometimes the growth from situations can come from making a choice NOT to go through something. There are many ways to learn.

Anywho, on a positive nod to the movement, please check out a very POWERFUL response from India Olowokande-Ame’ye:

 I am so excited to catch up on all this. Thank you Itheopiah Chiamaka you too are very powerful…I peeped yr goddess a long time ago ;). no I haven’t done much of anything on the internet. I had to take a break from photographing and filming and sit quietly, alone…for a few months. Gave myself full permission to do that. But I’m cumming out my yoni temple soon, soon. Also I’m finalizing my book, and things are happening offline. I’m abt to go get a glass of wine and check this out. Thank u, I love when black women bare our breasts and write about it. We are meant to be alive and loving outloud and all that juicy jazz. So just seeing yr picture magnetized mah lil smile, u have no idea! Xo…Wow, just watched your brilliance and I’m sooo moved by your candidness, commitment, and sincerity. What an honor and pleasure to read your words and watch the accompanying video in all its rawness. I tell ya, I appreciate your movement and courage to do what u are doing. Now u got me thinking abt the “laws” and knowing my rights and honoring my right to do so. I am out of doors, topless at minimum, at least once a day and I do believe that breasts are powerlines to the divine, and when I started taking time to allow them to feel the sun, wind, rain, clouds, grass, rocks, trees, wata, red clay ,u name it..that’s really when they began to come alive again, carrying tremendous life force energy. I don’t wear bras and stopped wearing them abt six or seven years ago and my breasts sit how they sit…plus I command them to do so u know. I tell my body how I want it to be. The mind has great command ova the anatomy and how smart the bra companies and BIG Pharma (because bras have been linked to breast cancer) are to make (some) women believe if we stop wearing bras our gorgeous breasts will sag, if 1. Its true 2. There is something “wrong” with breasts that fall….when breasts that fall are lovely and can contain just as much life as breasts that sit high. Also many women believe that their breasts will fall with age or childbirth….the body does whateva the owner thinks and feels it should do…that is the silent command we have ova ourselves. I love my breasts…omg …do I. Yes honeys I do…and my breasts know it too and that get all happy when I talk with them, rub them, kiss them, set them free, and tell them what to do. Girl I’m over the moon and off topic now, but I just love u Helese and I love what u are doing. I nearly in tears typing. Wheeee! Xo

I couldn’t have said it better. This woman is one of my role models. She so eloquently stated my reasons why I choose to bare my breasts and the healing therein. Even though I “stood down” today, movement won’t stop-today I chose to be water, not earth, and comply to fit into the container of this FUCKED UP SOCIETY….But the movement won’t end. Tied to my personal liberation, it has only just begun.