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Helese TALKS! Films Live from Times Square NYC on New Year’s Eve

There are 3 reasons to watch this film:

  1. It’s filmed at the biggest and baddest New Year’s Eve celebration in the world, Times Square, New York City!
  2. It has witty references to the NYPD: “Years ago I would have called them pigs, but I’ve grown.”
  3. It is truly baked with love, with many references to cool artists and projects coming in 2012.

**Bonus Reason:  You will be inspired, and you may  even cry. (Like I did when MJ started playing. I miss him so much!)

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REALITY (Show) CHECK: Baggage

I wanna be on this show. What would my baggage be? Maybe that I prefer to date men whom I don’t like at first (I have my reasons) , or that I always compare every man to my ex. What other little dirty dating secrets would be revealed if I had a chance to tell all on a tell-all game show?

The show Baggage is a show that is produced by Game Show Network based in LA. It’s hosted by Jerry Springer of all people. He proves to be a charming host (in a “sleazy uncle” kind of way).

Anyway, I like this show because of it raises a serious question, but let me tell you how it works first. You have three people competing to go out on a date with one person. The three competitors have revealed to the producers backstage some less than desirable quirks and traits, like the ones I unabashedly told you in the beginning of this post. (They’re real and uncensored! But watch out for those producers. I have a feeling that this is the kind of show where a statement like “I don’t like to date superhot men because too many women throw themselves at them” turns into “I date beneath me to feel secure.” Those clever copywriters. I really wanna be one when I grow up.)

Then the person doing the choosing goes through each piece of baggage (the show’s set is complete with each potentially embarrassing tidbit shown on a sign inside of a piece of luggage) and they get more and more absurd as the game goes on. The one with the baggage that is the least repulsive is the one who is left standing, suitcase in tow.

Then the game flips, and THAT person is the one who decides if they want to go out on date with the one who was originally sifting through dating dirt. It’s an interesting turn of events. I love what one girl did. She flirted, got the audience’s support, and then when it was her turn to decide if she wanted to go out with the guy, she politely declined. (I bet he asked her out after the show. He was totally taken by surprised, he thought he had her in the bag! I’m not going to say men love rejection, but it makes them work harder.)

I would like to see what baggage the producers would extract from my answers to their questions. But mainly, I want to know if I’m crazy compared to the general pool of women.

…Actually, there is an even deeper question that is tugging at my luggage strap right now. Is it a good idea to let people know up front what they’re getting? Take a look at a snippet from my old OKCupid profile. (I edited it after reading The Rules. I realized it’s good to be a little mysterious.)

…I’m also really good at being honest: Here are some great things about me: I drink. Sometimes too much. I curse. When I get angry, I say mean things to hurt you. I’m rarely on time. I’m picky, ask a lot of questions, I can be loud, and sometimes arugmentative just for the hell of it. I don’t care to explain myself unless I want to, and when I’m comfortable I like to stay that way. (I.e. I will put my own comfort above yours) Hmm what else? Oh yeah! I complain. I can be very critical. Brutally honest. I’m not the neatest person (except when it comes to my appearance) And I’m not a morning person. So don’t expect a “good morning” from me! (I’ve done it but I don’t prefer it.) Sometimes ppl get on my damn nerves. So I might ignore them from time to time. Hey, just bein real. But overall I’m a great person to be around, lol.

Tell me, would you date someone with my traits? I’m not that bad. I’ve seen women who behave like this who are happily coupled. So, I don’t wanna hear from men that they wouldn’t date a woman who is loud and argumentative. Men say one thing, and then do another. It happens all the time. Of course I’m not like that all the time, but I’ve got a blog and a brain, of course I’m going to be opinionated.

Regardless of the type of person you are into (I find that opposites attract; attention seekers usually look for more fly-on-the-wall types, and vice-versa), what I really wanna know is if you think it’s beneficial to lay it all out on the line in the beginning of the relationship. So, pick Show or Tell. Would you rather be showed or told?

A little clip from the show. It got the most hits out of the clips I saw, that’s why I chose this one, I swear:

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