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Dumping Friends

best fuckin' friends

Maybe not.

Sometimes you gotta do it. You have to rid some people from your life. And I mean more than just erasing their number from your phone. Or changing it without telling them. I mean really just deciding that you’re not gonna wait around for them to decide that you’re worthy to be in their life. It’s a good thing, trust me. Often times, you may not even know that you’ve been dumped. Your friend may just stop calling altogether. What I haven’t been able to really put my finger on is how you know if the subtle drifting apart is just a natural occurence (you know, due to schedules, etc.) or if it really means that the person is dumping you.

You see, I’m a friend. And I’ve dumped friends. I’ve also been dumped. And it’s not a nice feeling.

I feel I’ve been dumped most recently from a friend who has literally disappeared for maybe the 2nd or 3rd time since I’ve known her. I mean, it was just weird. She was like really present, all my other friends knew her. We were partying together, helping each other through shit, supporting each other all the way. Then, out of nowhere, SHE was nowhere! A mutual friend said “I think she changed her number.” The about a week later I got a text from her saying “This is my new number…” I was like dayum. Thanks for lettin me know. Then she’s like “Ok, gotta go! Talk to you later!”

I haven’t heard from her since.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I felt I had done enough. I actually hit her up during the whole hiatus and asked her was she ok. For some reason, I felt like I was always the one to reach out whenever we lost touch. Oh yeah, because I was the one reaching out first everytime we lost touch. I got tired of the shit. I told her it was weird and unfair that she does that.

Related FB Post: Really can’t take shit personally, I’m realizing people wanna do their own thing. Why can’t we say so? Why are we so afraid of hurting one another’s feelings…when something doesn’t quite ring true it’s time to understand that some relationships are just meant to ebb and flow, or maybe web and flow…(won’t go past the web.) But that’s cool…wait! I should be blogging this…

And the saga continues…LOL. Hope you enjoyed.

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The List: How Many Are On Yours?

I’m sure you and your friends have talked about it. You know, your number? How many people you’ve bedded, (or bathroomed, or phone boothed, or up against a vanned, but I digress). The question is, why do we even take the trip down memory lane and drudge up old…people? We should just let dead dogs lie.

But still, me and my roommate found ourselves in our living room one day just writing away, trying to see who had the most people on their List. The List never lies.

Strangely enough, most of the people on my list name’s start with an M. Also I couldn’t remember half of them! (There were less than 20, but an exact number I ain’t tellin.) And the ones I could remember weren’t very good memories. There was even one I had to just put as “Rape.” (I can laugh at that now but back then it wasn’t funny.)

The common denominator of all of these guys is that they were male, but that was it. Some I loved, some I  ended up hating, or forgetting altogether. Some I remembered them as an experience but I could barely recall their name. All in all I would say that the good ones made up for the bad. And I regret nothing.


Yes, Jesus. And I'm STILL waiting on that second coming.