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The List: How Many Are On Yours?

I’m sure you and your friends have talked about it. You know, your number? How many people you’ve bedded, (or bathroomed, or phone boothed, or up against a vanned, but I digress). The question is, why do we even take the trip down memory lane and drudge up old…people? We should just let dead dogs lie.

But still, me and my roommate found ourselves in our living room one day just writing away, trying to see who had the most people on their List. The List never lies.

Strangely enough, most of the people on my list name’s start with an M. Also I couldn’t remember half of them! (There were less than 20, but an exact number I ain’t tellin.) And the ones I could remember weren’t very good memories. There was even one I had to just put as “Rape.” (I can laugh at that now but back then it wasn’t funny.)

The common denominator of all of these guys is that they were male, but that was it. Some I loved, some I  ended up hating, or forgetting altogether. Some I remembered them as an experience but I could barely recall their name. All in all I would say that the good ones made up for the bad. And I regret nothing.


Yes, Jesus. And I'm STILL waiting on that second coming.