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FEAR- False Evidence Appearing Real….

What I fear….it must be false. It BETTER be.

Is it time to list my fears again so I can obliterate their validity? Let’s:

I’m scared that I will NEVER move out of my sister’s lovely abode and I would be like dead weight that they will carry around wondering how they got themselves in that situation and how did I.

FALSE EVIDENCE: In no way has she indicated that she doesn’t believe in me, thinks I’m a burden, or is intending to let me live with them when they move! They’d kick me out before that happens! Hell I’d kick myself out.

I’m scared that every single effort I’ve made to make money in a normal way is in vain. I feel it’s eluding me because I really don’t want it.

FALSE: Maybe you don’t want it. The messages are clear. Focus on your creativity. Work your network. Be fearless and fierce. Understand that the first steps are the hardest. The infrastructure is falling apart around you because you’re creating a new reality. The more you struggle to try to hold it up, the more you struggle. The Universe will ALWAYS provide.

I’m scared. Just scared to be scared and scared THAT I’m scared.

FALSE: You know this is a big game right? The more you laugh the more your so called “problems” are fading away.

I’m happy to be having sex again.

Now we’re talkin!

I’m scared I’m wasting time…

FALSE: Does what you’re doing feel good? Does it FEEL productive? DOES IT DIRECTLY RELATE TO YOUR GOALS? DO YOU HAVE GOALS? Maybe you need to ask your Holy Spirit just what you should be focusing on.

What are your fears?