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PUSSY EMPOWERMENT Convos with Graceful Empowerment

  • In honor of the my most recent period, I want you all to have a glimpse into the kinda shit I talk about regarding it. Yes, I HIGHLY REGARD IT and it’s power. This post is featuring Graceful Empowerment, of, (Pussy Empowerment is her Facebook group) 
    Armana Helese Fyuquin So….the current happenings with my womb choice happened right before my cycle Grace…and NOW I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I NEED TO CLEAR
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  • Armana Helese Fyuquin My blog post talks about some of it.
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  • Graceful Empowerment What is that you need to clear Goddess????!
  • Armana Helese Fyuquin So, I created exactly what I feared. I always feared my wc wouldn’t attend the play I was in. And it happened. I started a silly argument a few days before, he wished me luck, was very sweet, but was no where to be found. He had a death in the fam, plus he didn’t know where him and I stood. I DEF feel like this weekend was highly charged emotionally. Now, after we talked, after the show closed, I think we both know where we stand now, in our feelings to each other. Now the WONDER WORKING BLOOD MUST CLEAR ALL THAT STUPID SILLY SELFISH PETTY DOUBT away
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  • Armana Helese Fyuquin So, I am clearing the primary doubt which is the possibility of any disconnection to my source-which gives way to the secondary doubt which is the fact that i would conciously choose anything that isn’t for my growth, that i would choose to commit to ppl or situations that aren’t for my highest good, that i would attract someone who isn’t my reflection…so i chose someone good for me. i chose to do this ride as long as they were willing and he shows me he is willing. the third level of doubt is doubting HIS feelings for me. But those are born out of the primary doubt which is the failure to remember that i am always loved on everything by everything to everything ….
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  • Armana Helese Fyuquin That I AM WORTHY…