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10 Ways to Relax Your Pussy

“Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.” We’ve all heard that quote before, right?¬†I used to respond to inane questions with a pretty irate response.

Now, I just don’t answer questions I don’t want to, or I patiently respond, with love.

Of course I slip up sometimes, ¬†but as I mentioned to a friend, who noticed I sounded more “confident and relaxed” lately over the phone…

I told him the reason for my new and refreshed demeanorme laughing: “My pussy is more relaxed.”

Here’s 10 reasons why:

  1. because over this summer i made it a point to be more submissive and relaxed in my relationship
  2. i focused on pleasing another for the sake of pleasing
  3. i spent time in nature, grounding, crying…smoking
  4. i laughed and loved, and never took those moments for granted
  5. i explained my point of view or my feelings, and listened to others,¬†becoming more vulnerable than I’ve ever been
  6. i went to the 7th circle of hell from pain and back in surrender (even coiling in my bed grunting like a wild wolf) and reconnected with my cycle, to get to know my womb and blood
  7. i went home to utah to see family I haven’t seen in 20 years
  8. i trusted that i’d be ok no matter what
  9. i utitlized my creativity to bring resources to myself
  10. i made it a point to hear my ancestor’s voices, telling me they would never let anything happen to me

I did a LOT of inner and outer work to relax my pussy. And it feels so damn good. You can do it to.


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LOVE YOUR PERIOD: 14 Women Who Promote “Womb Wisdom” (Sexual, Spiritual, and Creative Health)

At the Slave Memorial Center, honoring my ancestors. This Adinkra symbol represents mother earth.

At the “African Burial Ground” in New York City, honoring my ancestors. This Adinkra symbol represents the Divinity of Mother Earth.

Dear Women:

Be patient with me, I am ever learning.

We were taught to hate our periods…period.

It doesn’t matter whether you call us “women” or “womyn.” If we are still as angry about our sacred cycles as the men or systems we feel oppress us, then we are still not free.

I think our work is to first love ourselves. To really be so holy as to consecrate ourselves and love every bodily fluid that comes from our bodies, including our urine, our mucus; our pus, our blood.

Please don’t cringe. But if you do, see that as a sign that there is still more healing to be done.

I learned from the modern women with old souls who taught me what has been forgotten.

I learned from them that the relationship has to be a beautiful one between your Holy Spirit who knows all and who takes a back seat to the ego who told us that the Holy Spirit needed to be forgotten, that the relationship must be and loving and unbreakable like the bond between mother and child before ANY healing is going to take place.

Allow me to name names:

  1. Queen Afua whose living legend and impact on womb health speaks for itself
  2. Hakashamut Kenya K Stevens of Jujumama LLC, founder of the Blue Butterfly Group, an online support group for women and
  3. Jessica McMorris  of  The Allergy Friendly Vegetarian who built it up with her.
  4. Graceful Empowerment of her company of the same name,  and the Pussy Empowerment Group (discussion and co-ed support group) on Facebook
  5. Tiffany Janay of Organic Bloodline (check her out on Facebook too)
  6. India Ame’ye, writer and artist, who I met on Facebook. (She totally makes love to like, the Earth everyday.)
  7. Akalatunde from YouTube who told us that the menstrual blood was the ‚Äúfirst wonder working blood.‚ÄĚ
  8. Nubia Sutton the Womb Priestess who often teaches on self love, and
  9. Makeda Voletta the Body Scientist, who first educated me on yoni eggs.
  10. Angelique Shofar¬†the Ecogoddess,¬†who wrote blog posts that I used to print out to read while flying across the world. I can remember she taught us that most processed chocolate has so many chemicals that are bad for you and your womb. That’s the number one tip that still stands out to me. But anyway, I must name names. These women have reached as deep into the wisdom of mother earth, connected with her to dig up the that were buried on purpose. Not to get political. But they gave me back the knowledge and power of my womb.
  11. The women who started the Occupy Menstruation¬†page on Facebook. There is so much comprehensive info posted there daily that I don’t even know what to tell you. Just check it out.
  12. Marianne Williamson, a Course in Miracles teacher whose¬†womb affirming affirmation that plays as a daily reminder in my phone. (That I actually “stole” from the Occupy Menstruation page! See above.)
  13. Joan Morgan, the Hip Hop Feminist and author, for being a pleasure advocate.
  14. Louise Hay for telling me to repeat these words, “I approve of myself. I loooooove myself.”

Each and every one of these women has touched me and some of them I have had the pleasure of hugging and feeling them in the physical.

I need more. And I’m a youngin’, a newbie to the Goddess Movement, but I am no accident and I revere it now in a way that no one outside of me could have ever taught me to.

When you have a fibroid that’s half the size of your uterus¬†and spend countless hours up at night, researching remedies, never taking the first one that comes, knowing you must forge your own path taking a little from here, and there, you learn. When I was in ‚Äú7th circle of hell‚ÄĚ pain and I bled so much that I birthed fist sized clots and got up and woke up on the ground again…THAT’S when I finally heeded the call to heal.

So women, that’s all I’m saying. The women’s empowerment movement or the feminist movement, means NOTHING if we still choose to hate the very process and parts ¬†that makes us female. The Goddess movement is about knowing we have the power to transform our physical experience through our spiritual power. Let‚Äôs live it now.

Loving, living and ever learning,


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What Does it Mean To Be An Artist?: 30 Musings, 30 Days, Day 16

I was talking to a good friend of mine, Tamara Leacock (great fashion designer and artist/goddess/comrade) about drug problems and art. Got me thinking…Can someone or should someone be free to promote their drug experience as positive for the sake of their art?

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What Does it Mean to Be An Artist?: 30 Musings, 30 Days, Day 10

pimpI myself am still struggling to understand what art does to me when I view it, hear it, see it, read it. It’s easier to understand what music as an art form does. It literally moves my body, or drives me to tears. Visual art…different. I get stuck in analyzation. I’m pretty sure that’s not what the artist intended…

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What Does it Mean to Be An Artist?: 30 Musings, 30 Days, Day 1

what is it
What does it mean?
What does it mean to be an artist?
One thing that I know it means to be an artist is to make choices. Cut the fat. What do I want to say? Who do I want to say it to? Where is this coming from, and where is it going…what is…it?
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What Does it Mean to Be An Artist?: 30 Musings, 30 Days

bohemeI’ve decided that I’m an artist in the most all encompassing sense of the word, and there’s no turning back.

But it doesn’t mean that I’ve decided to be broke, defeated, or an outcast.

I decide to channel my Divine Life Purpose through the creative means of writing, blogging, singing, acting, performing, modeling, and talk show hosting, vlogging, concepts, ideas, etc.

In honor of this and all the artists out there, I want to publish 30 musings over the next 30 days about what it means to me, and other amazing artists who will be submitting over the month of November.

Stay tuned for this.

My Dad once asked me if I had any homework. I said “no.” He said, “Well, create some!” So, I’m doing it.


And you can visit me on Tumblr at helesetalks. It’ll all be posted there anyway.

It’s weird to self plug, as an artist…but as a creative who must learn to earn…

Such is life.

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Monkeys on My Muthaf*ckin Back: Depression, Productivity, and Self Love

As ¬†I listen to a Louise Hay YouTube video about self Love, I realize that I’m not really all that fucked up to need it.

But I do, in fact, need it.

For the past 5 days I’ve been pretty much laid up-sure I went to an event recently and I really enjoyed myself, but mostly I’ve been in bed, resting, writing, meditating.

Sounds pretty productive right?

Well according to my new definition of productive, yes. Anything that has a positive result for me now or in the future is productive.

But that new definition is taking a while to settle in, or rather, sometimes I forget.

So I feel guilty for not working, for not being the traditional mode of productive.

But alas…I am creating.

But this is just one of the monkeys that I have to get off my back, damn near every day, just to get up!

It’s not easy. But I have reached my breaking point and it’s either die or stay alive.

I know I have all the tools in order for me to rescue myself.

So every day, even every night, I make a decision.

I will not die. I will live, and to my fullest potential.

A Course in Miracles says the Holy Spirit only guides you to something that you can do NOW. Well, I can say an affirmation now.

“I deserve the best out of Life, not because I’ve done anything good, but because I AM.”

I can choose to look at the situation with Love.

Last night one of the things I did before I went to sleep was to Mother myself.

I imagined a set of hands, older woman hands, not my mom’s during this lifetime, but maybe someone from ancient times. She spoke English though.

She said, “It’s ok baby. Everything’s going to be allll right.” And she caressed my face while I cried in her arms. I just imagined this maternal graceful spirit totally encompassing me…She said “I know baby…” And she wiped my tears away. And I just rocked in her arms while a tear or two rolled down my face.

So, I would advise everyone to chill the fuck out…because I have noticed that although I have lost damn near everything several times over in the past year, feeling like all hope is gone…I am more centered and believing that everything is going to be OK more than ever.

I’m creating more often than ever. And I’m putting it out there!

And I’m more clear on my purpose than ever. And I’m doing something about it!

I’m convinced that this bump in the road ISN’T the end of my journey. So I keep keeping on.¬†I’m doing herbs, self soothing techniques, shaking up my routine, and simply not believing in the monkeys and the lies they tell anymore.¬†

I’m doing more stuff than ever to help those monkeys go back to their trees, or caves, or jungles, or where ever the fuck they came from.¬†Despite them coming to hang out every once in a while, the Universe has got my back.¬†But they don’t belong on my back.¬†

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PUSSY EMPOWERMENT Convos with Graceful Empowerment

  • In honor of the my most recent period, I want you all to have a glimpse into the kinda shit I talk about regarding it. Yes, I HIGHLY REGARD IT and it’s power. This post is featuring Graceful Empowerment, of¬†, (Pussy Empowerment is her Facebook group)¬†
    Armana Helese Fyuquin¬†So….the current happenings with my womb choice happened right before my cycle Grace…and NOW I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I NEED TO CLEAR
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  • Armana Helese Fyuquin¬†My blog post talks about some of it.
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  • Graceful Empowerment¬†What is that you need to clear Goddess????!
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  • Armana Helese Fyuquin¬†So, I created exactly what I feared. I always feared my wc wouldn’t attend the play I was in. And it happened. I started a silly argument a few days before, he wished me luck, was very sweet, but was no where to be found. He had a death in the fam, plus he didn’t know where him and I stood. I DEF feel like this weekend was highly charged emotionally. Now, after we talked, after the show closed, I think we both know where we stand now, in our feelings to each other. Now the WONDER WORKING BLOOD MUST CLEAR ALL THAT STUPID SILLY SELFISH PETTY DOUBT away
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  • Armana Helese Fyuquin¬†So, I am clearing the primary doubt which is the possibility of any disconnection to my source-which gives way to the secondary doubt which is the fact that i would conciously choose anything that isn’t for my growth, that i would choose to commit to ppl or situations that aren’t for my highest good, that i would attract someone who isn’t my reflection…so i chose someone good for me. i chose to do this ride as long as they were willing and he shows me he is willing. the third level of doubt is doubting HIS feelings for me. But those are born out of the primary doubt which is the failure to remember that i am always loved on everything by everything to everything ….
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  • Armana Helese Fyuquin¬†That I AM WORTHY…
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My Body is a Temple…

It's a temple. Some temples are underground and secret and only the initiated can enter.

Some are for public worship, for the downtrodden and weary to find some solace, drop a burden of shame and guilt, or uncover a part of themselves that has been lost.

I prefer the latter in certain situations…

Sometimes I prefer the former.

What I’m saying is that…it’s my choice to choose how I want to display my body…

With the recent M. Cyrus happenings I realize we have hardly come that far when it comes to understanding this simple concept…

Showing your body is not defiling it. To display or express sexuality is certainly not a sin! It is natural, more so… it’s HEALTHY. It brings people together.

Case in point: My womb choice told me he watched a video of me shimmying (read: shaking my boobs) and he couldn’t be mad at me anymore. I mean people can say a lot about that but he has plenty other pictures of me naked and clothed, even TRYING to be sexy. But this clip, of me just wild and free, having fun in my natural state, with my body in a state of movement…this is what allowed him to drop any grievances he had against me.

I received a lot of flack for baring my breasts in the park because children might see. You take your children trick or treating…a holiday to celebrate some of the images we may see if we experience a dark night of the soul…and you even dress you children to make them appear bloody and beaten, or even like a cute little piece of candy to be eaten…but for them to see breasts…lol…is um….ok. Breastfeeding…well some people are against that too.

The insanity is beyond me. All I know is that it’s going to take a lot more people like me who, yes, have nothing better to do than to flounce around while naked. (I’ve been accused of having nothing better to do than to simply live and express myself as a natural being who feels it is everyone’s right to express themselves no matter how much it may disgust or alarm another individual…ok I may have to eat my words on that one, but you got me there!) Note that¬†I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong or too simplistic…

But the best lives are simple…just let me live man. Nakedness and disrespect have nothing really to do with one another right now. I’m sick of the correlation being made especially when it comes to women and their value of themselves.