About Helese

Helese and London

Ten years ago Helese landed in NYC from SC to attend Marymount Manhattan College and studied Theatre for 1 year. She then pursued music in the tough world of the underground scene of NYC. As a singer she performs in various venues, and created Helese TALKS! in 2007. It started as a local Brooklyn television show covering local events and has since expanded to a YouTube channel and a blog. She now blogs about several aspects of life, personal and public.  Helese also models, writes poetry and her own songs.

In her own words:

“There are things that I believe just need to be seen. If I can just capture them and share them with the world, I’ve fulfilled my purpose. I believe that people just need to see stuff. I think that people need to hear what you’re saying, see you saying it, and that’s why I believe in the still image. That’s why I believe in film. And of course live performance. I’ve always written, always had a strong voice through words, and I wanna let the world feel me that way now. These are the mediums that I work through, and the information is gonna touch who it’s gonna touch. And once I’ve captured the information and put it out there in a compelling way, then I’ve fulfilled my purpose.”

11 thoughts on “About Helese

  1. You gorgeous, amazing mama with this incredible blog! Thank you so much for liking and following BigBodyBeautiful and for sending your friend Claudia over to me. I LOVE YOU BOTH!! So, so excited about what you’re doing here, sis. I now follow you. And, I just read your post Topfreedom. You are my new idol. Seriously. I LOVE your spunk and spirit, honey. Keep it comin’. And, feel free to come hang out with me on BBB any time! XOXO

    • Wow. The wonders of fame. I saw your work on some major platform and thought, when Claudia told me you were “feelin’ me” that “Wow, she knows who I am??” But see, it shouldn’t be because I saw your work on a major platform that I got a little starstruck. No, it should be because you’re AWESOME because of who you are and what you’re doing, it just so happens to be that you get to touch more lives because your work IS highlighted on that major media platform and you know, that’s what I hope to someday be and so much more. Just wanna touch more lives and express myself, as I’m sure you do. So, THANK YOU so much because you made my day, as ALL my supporters do when they encourage me to keep “doing me.” I love that. And I will be submitting to your site soon.

      • Helese-Sweetheart,

        Awww…what a kind response. You so made my week here, sis. I truly am feelin’ you, your heart, and good works, too. YOU are the beacon to which I am pointing my ship. How’s that for a compliment? Ha!

        You deserve all of the glory here, sis. You drew me to you with your good heart and I drew you to me with mine. It’s a case of Like attracting Like.

        Can’t wait to get your post, honey. I’m excited about all the people we can help and also remind of the love available to them in this universe.

        Your sister in light and love, BigLizzy

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