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Insecure Season 4 Episode 8 – Hella Happy

Satisfied look on Issa’s face as she was walking down the street was everything, as the shot panned over what’s looking like my new home…

Missed the last episode? See last week’s review.

Shut up, shut up, shaddap! I can hear everyone now, talkin’ bout, “no, don’t do it Issa, Lawrence is a fuckboy!” Y’all’s dry, lifeless pussies need to snap shut and let a woman live. Issa’s making better decisions now. Let me tell you why I say that.

I loved this episode cause I’m a sucker for romance. Sure, it didn’t start out that way, but we could feel the sexual tension bubbling right underneath the surface of Law and Is’s convo and play.

That moment when you’re going out for drinks and looking good in a city where it pays to be seen – even if you do fall flat on your face…

…You feel sexy. I know I remember being in New York, when I went to meet someone, even if we were fuckin’ or not, there was just this feeling of know I’d be admired, knowing the attention of a sexy ass man would be on me that night. And others’. I’d flirt, I’d shine, I’d light up the room. And maybe later, I’d fuck.

This is exactly the kind of conversation I’d have with my ex, though, and it’s needed.

People act like when you break up with someone, you should never talk to them again. I do think you should have a healthy level of time spent apart, and I’m learning that you need that even in the relationship itself. And you should even have a team together to help you heal, friends who hated your ex, and will say all the terrible things that you needed to hear about them, and confirm all the things you never liked about them anyway, friends who are balanced and will give you both sides of what you did to ruin the relationship, and a good unbiased and ethical therapist to help you sort it all out.

It feels good to subtly flaunt your success, ahem growth, in your ex’s face.

It’s not like you have something to prove to them, but moreso, to yourself. You just want to know that you could have them if you wanted to. And it’s like you’re showing a reflection of yourself that you became the person you wanted to be. I’m not sure if Issa saw herself as an event planner, on the level she’s at now, but I know she’s determined to move forward with it. It feels good to walk in your purpose, right over your ex’s heart.

No hard feelings.

I couldn’t even be mad at the ex-sex at the end. Here’s why.

One of the most empowering experiences of my life was to go to a club, bag a lawyer with a body like Harry Belafonte in the film Carmen, go to his penthouse hotel room, fuck him silly, have him worship my body and my natural afro, go home the next morning and continue with my day.

It’s a little different with exes. For men who I wanted to remain in my life, the most powerful thing I could do was to learn to be assertive and say what I want.

We won’t know if Issa only wanted him and made a move quicker and more aggressively because she knew Condola was getting back in the picture, or if she just wanted some dick. Either way, she done good. That satisfied look on her face said it all.



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