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Insecure Season 4 Episode 7 – Molly and Molly

What can I say about this episode that probably has not already been said? After all, I am 2 days late on my review.  The truth is, I don’t know what’s been said because I didn’t look at what other writers have written.

Missed the last episode? See last week’s review.

The process of writing about this show means a lot to me and I just want to keep my reviews pure. Speak from the heart. With that said, I do not want to talk about racism, even though the conversation helped drive the story of the episode. I’m exhausted from current events; I just don’t. So I won’t.


Molly and Andrew’s relationship is developing, but what’s more interesting to me is the relationship dynamics between Molly and herself.

I’m glad she was able to let herself enjoy having a partner, and the Moment of Truth was obviously when she questioned herself and whether or not she was the one in the wrong during the racism conversation.

What’s even or revealing is that she seems able to do that more so with Andrew than she is with Issa. Old habits die hard. It is not surprising to me that Molly would have a much easier time questioning whether or not she needs to let something go with someone like Andrew, someone who’s in new in her life. I think the freshness of that relationship and his forgiving and imploring nature, the way he asked questions and sensitively handles her (often bitter and cold) emotions, is the reason she feels safe enough to double back and say “okay, maybe I was wrong.”

Molly’s ability to be vulnerable about her own wrongs began when she and Andrew had had their second or third blow up on the show and Andrew came back and was apologetic and vulnerable.

It proved to her that this time, the fallout or argument wasn’t because she was unwilling to listen. He screwed up, and owned up. That is a vulnerability that I have not seen expressed between Molly and Issa in their friendship. I think the reason this is because we can put up such a guard and become so used to just needing to be the same person with someone that it can be really hard to let down our guard when it’s so easy to do with someone else, someone new.

Old habits die hard with familiar people in our lives.

This is probably why a lot of times you can go through an entire relationship with a partner and they are not able to commit to you in a certain way, or they’re not able to level up and become successful in the way that you think they should, or they are simply not able to be proud, open and transparent about your relationship the way you desire, and they are very clear that they do not want to reach whatever level of intimacy that you see for yourself in that relationship. But all of a sudden when they get into a new relationship, it’s like they have a new playing field, it’s like they have a new matrix to play within. Like I said, for the sake of the show, because I know I’m like watching a show, I do believe that Molly and Issa will reconcile by the end of the season. However, in real life I truly understand the reason why this friendship would be laid to rest.

I love how black shows, and black people, in general, are being way more open about their mental health.

Check out the Facebook group Black Girls Healing House and Black Women and Mental Health where they talk about spirituality, relationships, and mental health. Check out Righteous and Ratchet, where the creator of the show, Doboy, has decided to take the entire rest of the year off to specifically focus on his mental health.

At the end of the episode Molly calls her therapist, unabashedly and unashamedly and she is right to do so. Check out this article by about Taraji P Henson who simply says that your girlfriends are not your therapist. The trend is here, mental health is now, and it is Black. We are taking control because we always had tools in place in our history to join the physical with the spiritual, to care for our mental health. I’m talking about way before patriarchy, I’m talking about before American slavery, I mean when women ruled the world. I’m talking about true ancient African history (Ancient Eqypt, Kemet, or KMT and beyond) so we are going in on that again and I’m so very proud. Of us.



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