Insecure Season 4 Episode 6
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Insecure Season 4 Episode 6 – Issa and Issa

Ahhhhh…that’s the feeling I felt while watching the critically acclaimed show, Insecure, in what marks the beginning of the 2nd half of its fourth season. Because it was damn satisfying. Let me tell you why.

Maybe the prior criticisms that were thought to be premature were right – the story was lagging and becoming complacent in its focus on the romantic relationships between Issa, Molly, and their men. That’s why episode 6 does not disappoint.

The writers proved to understand their audience by bringing them some very introspective Issa centered content, and I loved it.

The earlier seasons were building up and beginning to focus on Issa and Molly’s friendship solely but they still involved men and their relationships with them as part of the reason they were drifting apart. But not this time.

“Have you noticed that you’re always the one reaching out and apologizing?” Issa to Issa

Friendships are some of the most complex and impactful relationships in our lives. Even though many moves and shows focus on them, we don’t honor them as such in our society. Issa had a chance to look at how much she was giving and if it was worth it to her. She had to ask herself the question, “what if I don’t put out the effort I usually do? Will this person make the first move and reach out to me?”

I experienced a moment EXACTLY like this in a real friendship from childhood that I decided to fall back from. After several times of feeling judged, dismissed, and dishonored for the woman I was becoming, I finally decided to let this one wither on the vine. The lifeblood of the pillars of a good friendship – trust, vulnerability (and I would even say some kind of common interests), commitment, and support just wasn’t there anymore.

It was hard. It felt like a death – and it was. But I had to let go of the dead weight.

Maybe Issa will too.

It sounds to me like you’re entering into a new season in your life. – Issa’s Mom to Issa

Issa’s mother was a welcome addition to the regular faces we see on the show. Kelli’s voice of reason and complexity came through in this episode, too. The show was developing nicely just we thought the writing was getting lazy and the story was being dragged out. It felt whole and complete to see Issa face herself.

I know I’ve made the right decision as seasons come, and go. This show touched on and highlighted those moments in a Millenial woman’s life nicely.


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