My Top Self-Care Ritual Essentials

After a long much needed hiatus, I think this is a perfect interlude. I’ve been streaming in and out of self care. I think this is a fitting post by a most gifted writer, Tashia Ariel. Enjoy!

Earth Wind & Curls

*singing in best Ledisi voice* Beeee good…to yourselffffff.

Happy New Moon Night! Sistas, how y’all feel! Brothas, y’all are alright?

Since becoming a full-time entrepreneur, one important thing has become pretty paramount in this new life that I am still adjusting to. Nurturing yourself is of the UTMOST importance. 

To be honest, it’s something that I should’ve gotten better at while still in Corporate America, but when you are finally in control of your days and how you want them to flow, it becomes a lesson in really facing yourself…with EVERYTHING. The good, bad and in-betweens. Everything is out in the open because now YOU have the power to create your life with every given moment and thought in a more purposeful way than you did before. It’s raw, it’s vulnerable, it’s uncomfortable, it’s unavoidable.

With the many things we’re faced with, it’s SO so easy to be super hard…

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