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Scary Boring.

I’m not a regular person so don’t come at me with regular conversation.

Sure small talk is good but actually, no wait. It never is.

Small talk is uncomfortable, and awkward. Even worse, it’s small. It’s insignificant and unless it’s a sweet nothing keep it.

Social media. Don’t know ya, so you can’t just say hey. Even if I do know ya, you can’t just say “What’s up?”


So Imma need you to come a lil’ more correct.

I have about 3 friends who I speak to on the regular now. Make that two. And we never say just “hey.” We get to the point. We got shit to do, places to go, and “benevolent, progressive institutions (i.e. T. Leacock)” to birth.

I’m setting aside myself as one of those self proclaimed genius weirdos and I mean it. I’m going to start going ape-shit on people who have the nerve to tell me they want to get to know me because they’ve seen me on social media, baring breast and soul alike, and have the nerve to serve me up a dry ass question like I got time for them.

I only have time for interesting, genuine, fair people.

And that is all…Peep the conversation that was the inspiration for this post…

Him: So, wat shld I first knw about you
Me: google me. it sounds fucked up but…its really that i hate when ppl want me to open up all about me then i have to expend all this energy giving my life story. no thanks
buy the book. or just get to know me. i don’t think anyone has ever gotten to know someone by asking them about them. most ppl don’t even know who they are they just fumble around through this earth
so watch them. absorb them. give something. but i’m not telling you shit. fuck that. i have friends. and i say this with love. but it has happened one too many times
Him: You shld re-read wat I ask,tell me the first thng I shld knw…like for me,imma daddy first..nthn is more important…the rest you will learn in time as so will I..
Me: no.
i read just fine. im just bored to death with the question. there is not a first thing you should know about me, there is a first that I should know about me
that answer will be different for different people
but as long as i know who i am, it doesn’t matter what u know about me and i cd care less
im literally laughing out loud!
u are a child of God and you are love. however this conversation isn’t worth my time in the least. i have a lot of research to do. way too much and im fired up. but i will use this conversation. our time is over now tho. Goodbye.
Him: Take care,good bye..

I feel like the female Kanye West right now…just on another planet…and cocky too 😉


6 thoughts on “Scary Boring.

  1. Alfnpdr says:

    A”The Guide who shows us the Way is your brother/sister. So we take his/her hand and he/she will lead us from station to station, from the dark to the light, from the gross to the subtle. And the secret is in the Love. We are the love, not another. When we find this Love, what more could we want?” So go ahead block me if you feel the love…Armana Helese Fyuquin Alfnpdr Padron”

      • Alfnpdr I can appreciate your perspective on that, but I feel this way.” Then leave it at that. YOU MY FRIEND HAVE TO BECOME THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN ME!!! I feel you too being block by such a beauty from the outside… Shift

      • It is important that you know that you are love and that is your TRUE nature. Now I release you to be somewhere you are wanted, and needed. It isn’t hard to tell who wants to be around you. It wouldn’t be like this if I did. I have had to release other stalkers this way. Sending them Love while releasing them in the Universe, because love begets love. Now, if you continue to comment on my blog, I may comment back. But if you contact me directly or privately you will be blocked from all channels because I have simply asked you not to. That is my right and I choose to exercise it. Deal.

      • Oh, many wrongs that you see in others, is your own nature reflected in them, o helese!
        You are that evil-doer, and you strike those blows at yourself: you curse yourself at that moment. You do not see clearly the evil in yourself, You hold a blue glass before your eye: this made the world seem blue to you… You, do this to every man,\ who shows interest in you, why???

      • Sending me pictures of restaurants is not showing interest. I don’t do this to every man who shows interest in me. I only limit contact with men who do not stop contacting me when I ask them to, or when they see I am not enjoying the interaction and they press on anyway. That is not interest, that is selfishness and lack of awareness of self. If they are like that online, imagine how much they’d suck in bed? If a woman is not enjoying herself with you, yet you press on anyway, it could even be akin to rape! Imagine that. Now, I don’t know what settings you have to be contacted when I reply to comments posted on my blog. But it’s my blog, and I will respond to comments that I feel could be teaching moments for readers. Thank you for sharing.

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