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My Body is a Temple…

It's a temple. Some temples are underground and secret and only the initiated can enter.

Some are for public worship, for the downtrodden and weary to find some solace, drop a burden of shame and guilt, or uncover a part of themselves that has been lost.

I prefer the latter in certain situations…

Sometimes I prefer the former.

What I’m saying is that…it’s my choice to choose how I want to display my body…

With the recent M. Cyrus happenings I realize we have hardly come that far when it comes to understanding this simple concept…

Showing your body is not defiling it. To display or express sexuality is certainly not a sin! It is natural, more so… it’s HEALTHY. It brings people together.

Case in point: My womb choice told me he watched a video of me shimmying (read: shaking my boobs) and he couldn’t be mad at me anymore. I mean people can say a lot about that but he has plenty other pictures of me naked and clothed, even TRYING to be sexy. But this clip, of me just wild and free, having fun in my natural state, with my body in a state of movement…this is what allowed him to drop any grievances he had against me.

I received a lot of flack for baring my breasts in the park because children might see. You take your children trick or treating…a holiday to celebrate some of the images we may see if we experience a dark night of the soul…and you even dress you children to make them appear bloody and beaten, or even like a cute little piece of candy to be eaten…but for them to see breasts…lol…is um….ok. Breastfeeding…well some people are against that too.

The insanity is beyond me. All I know is that it’s going to take a lot more people like me who, yes, have nothing better to do than to flounce around while naked. (I’ve been accused of having nothing better to do than to simply live and express myself as a natural being who feels it is everyone’s right to express themselves no matter how much it may disgust or alarm another individual…ok I may have to eat my words on that one, but you got me there!) Note that I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong or too simplistic…

But the best lives are simple…just let me live man. Nakedness and disrespect have nothing really to do with one another right now. I’m sick of the correlation being made especially when it comes to women and their value of themselves.


3 thoughts on “My Body is a Temple…

  1. I’m so grateful you chose to share this post, and yourself, in this way. Thank you. Deeply. This goddamn preoccupation with how other people should and should not be is beyond my scope of understanding. It’s fine to not feel a thing for your own self, but to decide that someone else should not want it for themselves as well is not only mad, it’s viscous…and stifling…and when folks come at me like that, I pull out Warrior Woman mode on dat ass because that’s what it calls for.

    We are responsible for our own experiences, and our own joy. Just ours. Not anybody else’s.

    Do whatever makes you feel more attuned to you, sis. Thankfully, you don’t need me to tell you that. “Nakedness and disrespect have nothing really to do with one another…” damn straight!

    Talk di tings! Same suh! (Jamaican patois for “you ain’t neva lied”, basically).

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