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Positive Post on the Trayvon Martin Case: A Woman’s Topfreedom in the Face of Tragedy

I didn’t follow the news. I never do, I’m ultra sensitive and can easily get caught up in the emotional manipulation of the mainstream media (and they’re not the only ones who do it). But I have to say I only saw other people’s words that could even begin to explain how I want to feel, choose to feel about the Trayvon Martin Case. The only way we can change is from within. I’m not quite sure how, but putting my attention on rallies and protests doesn’t seem to sit well with me, although I’m not knocking anyone else’s way of grieving, griping or growing. This sister, a living Goddess in her own right, chose to bare breasts and ‘love back’ (instead of fight back) with Topfreedom and a spiritual declaration of independence.

These are the words and picture of another. I was very touched by her fearlessness. I just want you to read the post. Look at the picture. Notice how your focus changes, even if just for a moment. This isn’t about sex… it’s about transmuting the energy of helplessness, it’s about knowing what is within your power to change, right here, right now. With Love…

topfree for trayvon

A powerful demonstration of peace, and love. But will the rest of the world ever understand? I think we will.

She writes:

Yemaya is considered the Mother Goddess in African Belief. ‘Mama Watta,’ as she is also known, presided over the Ogun River that she called home. Her breasts are full and large from birthing so many creations. It is said that Yemaya gave birth to all the world’s water. She is very distressed over the situation of her beloved Earth Mother, so pray to her for the Healing of Mother Earth..
I was approached by my loved one this morning… A request to post a picture of my breast for healing today for the men would kneel down and weep and receive restoration for today is heavy. I don’t know about for you but certainly not for me I see a large group of people in a lot of pain, fight back tears, wounded one more ‘gain for another one of Mother Earth’s children has transcended; and yes yes of course all is well and in divine order. Yet, on this plain of reality, it would be a lie to suggest that there is no pain, no aftermath, a crystal clean break, and everyone-meaning all mothers and the fathers of humanity are on sync with the “nothing-missing, nothing-broken” factor… Of course I rebuke the reality that this will ever be me, but I morn with the mother for the sons, hubbies, and fathers whom fit the profile of hoodie-wearing, or just looking-black, Indigenous enough [person]. For that was really his only crime on the surface….

So when I was first asked, I was apprehensive to posting. Although, in my gut it felt right the words he spoke. If in fact I truly did want to play my part in a non-violent way. This is a powerful solution the ancestors asked of me. Sacred energy, breast energy is the sacred healer, capable of healing all humanity if we will just let it flow freely or at the very least when called upon.. For I am devotee, I am ‘mama watta’ whose job is to heal the planet for it is her deepest desire to do so… Here is my gift of healing to humanity as you requested dear you, as I am highly compelled to channel mama Yemeyah for me, for my youth, for our world today… Releasing tears, I need to perform ritual tonight going to fetch watermelon and the nearest ocean water, might possibly be in my tub, but I have to clear this for the gathering season is upon us….

Stay strong. Be present, at all costs remain loving…even if you don’t choose to demonstrate in anyway, all is well. All choices are valid. Tough to stand on this peaceful stance in the face of tragedy and as much as I feel it is one’s right to demonstrate how they see fit…It is still a violent world. At least we have the internet. If you can open a mind…then I believe it is possible to change the world.


6 thoughts on “Positive Post on the Trayvon Martin Case: A Woman’s Topfreedom in the Face of Tragedy

  1. Dave Rosebrock says:

    I do agree with you hon and I still think that goin topfree is great. I would love for you to email me your self . I would love to here from you soon. so please do so. dave Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 03:43:23 +0000 To:

  2. What was presented was very powerful. On this plane, we are not in balance. I cannot find the verbiage to express what is in my heart. All I am going to say is that we all need to return to the silence, look within. The answer has always been there.

  3. Claudia Moss says:

    Indeed a powerful and beautiful tribute to the Martin Family and our shared humanity! I needed to read this entry this morning.

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