Me and Milton

Me and Milton at a Christmas party

Haha, also affectionately known as “my publisher.” I’ve NEVER done this on my blog…just posted a random photo. But I think it’s important to do new things, in a new year, with a new look to the blog and a new perspective on life. Looking back I think it’s time I did an ode to the man who discovered I had actual journalistic talent. Thank you Milton, it’s been a year since you discovered me and I hope to be working with you for many years to come. See some of my work on his fabulous investigative online news platform (where I cover entertainment, social, and non-profit happenings) by clicking on the photo. Here’s to another year of covering art and other things going on in this devil of a city of ours. I’m committed (touchy word for me) to share of more of those pieces here, on Helese TALKS!

Celebrities, Important People, New York City, Politics/World Issues

Me and Founder of The Black Star News, Milton Allimadi (aka “The Man Who Discovered Me”)


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