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You Can Leave, And it Won’t Cost You A Thing

The only thing it will cost you is your spot in line. But only if I don’t feel like saving it.

Over the past several months spanning back into last year, I’ve had many close friends in my life simply dissolve out of it. Some I’ve tried to get back by asking, pleading, shaming, blaming, guilting, threatening, even offering to help, etc.  I realize it’s all a lost cause.

I realized that it doesn’t really matter why they want to leave or even how they choose to do it. All I know is, if you Love them? Let them go. And I mean as far away and for however long they want.

Loving means letting go. And it just feels better, trust me.

If you guys are ever on the same frequency again then they’ll show up in your experience, Law of Attraction will make sure of it.

So, there’s really nothing to worry about.

See, I trust that people know what they’re doing. I trust that people know what’s best for them (because if you truly Love someone, that’s what you want, right?) I won’t even claim to be the best thing they never had, because how arrogant is that?

All I know is I’m doing Me. So, if you want to leave, you don’t have to worry about me doing anything else to keep you here.  Just know that there may not be room for you in my life if you decide you want to come back after all of that begging, chasing, and pleading. You may have to wait until some other relationships die off, or the Universe may simply make it hard for you to get your spot back in line.

Hopefully, it will be easy, because that’s how I like things. But then, that’s what’s best for me. Some like it hard.

Se la vie.

I know I usually write essays, but

“When it’s truth, it’s simple.”


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