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A Negro Helps KKK With Their Education


A blank page is like a new beginning. How many poets and writers throughout the ages have waxed poetic about the thrill they get when they look at a blank piece of paper, whether on screen or in real life? It is a type of thrill isn’t it? It’s a change to begin anew.

I want that chance. I have it every time I start a new piece; it gives me life, and a great sense of accomplishment when I finish what I set out to start.

But do you know how many unfinished drafts I have that I started even as far back as about a year ago? They’re dangling like my cheap $1 earrings, like the particilples that (I hope) never do in any of my published work, like a pair of proverbial testicles which comes to mind anytime anyone mentions the word “cajones.”

I think it shows commitment and tenacity and seriousness when you finish what you start. I wanna do that with my college education, but money is a factor.

There is one man who is doing something about that though, and he is a Negro of all things. (I’m sorry, I’ve been reading a book in which the main character is a racist.)

I know it’s a bad choice of words, but I choose to use that word because it let’s us know that we have progressed a lot as a society, even though we’re still in the process of realizing that we are all one. I just have to sit here and think about how amazing we are as African Americans, Afrikans, Nubians, Moors, etc. We are a group of people who have gone through some of the worst treatment in history, and everyone is still feeling the repercussions about 500 years later…

…We have definitely overcome, that shit NEEDS to be celebrated, and I’m always excited to shed light on one of our shining examples of the unbreakableness of the human spirit.

Read about the man who is helping the KKK (Kommunity Kollege Kids, my fun and eye catching description of his demographic, not his) finish their education: where prices have become too high, Gene Wade, a man of color, has started University Now, an affordable brick and mortar and online college with transferable credits to California local community colleges.

Watch the video below where Gene Wade talks about “Building the World’s Most Affordable and Accessible Private University.” Read about this man . Support the campaign by donating or spreading the word, and by understanding how amazing this model is for revolutionizing higher education in this country. And they say I’m a bad influence on the kids!



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