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Pre-Election Day Dreams: President Obama Saw Me Naked

long braids implied nude

Maybe there are some suppressed sexual implications for my dream of being naked in front of President Obama…I mean, who doesn’t have a crush on the man? Hence my flirty shoulder and smile 😉

Yeah right! In my dreams! No, really, it was:

I was at my grandmothers house in the backyard, completely nude. My brown thick yet long and slender body was glistening in the late afternoon Georgian Sun. Somehow President Obama with his entire family, the first lady and the two girls, pulled up in a car. I don’t know how an entire street ended up in my Grandmother’s backyard,  but that’s besides the point: the President saw me naked! He motioned with his head to the two girls in the car, as if to say all cool like, “What are you doing, put your clothes back on!” The girls were eating McDonald’s of all things, it was as if they were on some type of road trip. (Maybe just to see me!) Michelle looked a little confused as to what was going on, but she wasn’t outraged, just going with a flow, a study in femininity.

He got out of the car to deal with the um, situation, of me being naked. Or maybe he just wanted to stretch his legs for the pit stop, because that’s the last anyone else in the dream even mentioned anything about my me being bare. I’m not sure if anyone else in the dream ever saw me, but I was starstruck. I couldn’t believe the President was here, to see me, and let alone I was naked. This was such an epic moment! I wondered if he knew about my topfreedom movement and my quest for love and personal liberation. And full nudity is something l’ve always wanted to try in public as well; being that I was in a private setting (although I can’t really imagine doing it at my Grandmother’s house) this was a perfect place to test out how I felt in my own  skin in a literal sense. I just knew I’d get an interview with him and this would make my hits online soar. I walked up the stairs to the laundry room of my Grandmother’s back porch, which is an extension of the kitchen where she also keeps her freshly baked cakes and pies, and went to tell the rest of the family like my aunt and my…Grandfather? He transitioned several years ago in July 2008… yet he was alive, shiny, dark, thriving, tall, and very REAL in my dream. I’ve dreamt of him before and he was always at peace. He actually pulled the President aside and said “Come here son, let me talk to you for a minute.” He put his arm around him and they began to walk away to exchange father and son like murmurs, and the most touching thing about it was that President Obama was totally receptive, respectful, and eager to learn from an elder Black man who was a political legend in his own right in the small town of Commerce, Georgia. (Riley Harris was a politician, preacher, veteran, father, husband, grandfather, writer, and he built my Grandma’s and his house with his own two hands. He was my hero and I supposed that’s why he shows up in my dreams ever so often, a symbol of what my “dream man” would be.)

Another strange part of the dream I was in the salon, my hair was dyed (I promised myself in my waking life that I would never do that again) and I was pressing it (also banned). While this was going on, suddenly I COMPLETELY lost my hearing. It was quite strange. I could see people’s lips moving, but I couldn’t hear anything: The whir of the blowdryers, the click clacking of the hot curlers (suspiciously similar to the sound of the overseer’s horse’s hooves on plantation hard-packed dirt roads), or the senseless gossip. Then without warning-It came back.

So there you have it: President Obama and Helese, who was naked. Go figure! If anyone interprets dreams I’d be happy to hear what you think of this one. Care to find out more about what goes on in the depths of my subconscious mind? I might continue sharing my dream life if this post gets enough comments!


7 thoughts on “Pre-Election Day Dreams: President Obama Saw Me Naked

  1. wow, that was quite the dream. They say people who dream about being naked in front of important, have repressed desires of exhibitionism. That’s just what I’ve heard, just sayin’.
    You should do some more topfreedom, to realease these desires….hmm?

      • Well Chuck, this conversation and your comments really speak for themselves. What is your purpose in them, because other than maybe 2 comments I do believe you are coming off as a bit, well, pervy. I’M just sayin’. I don’t believe you are trying to help at all, I think you are satisfying some type of urge by dedicating the last 10 years of your life to something that affects you yet doesn’t. In my opinion, it doesn’t give you an excuse to try to say what you would do if you were a woman. After your sex change, only then will I accept comments like that, or suggestions for me to “do more topfreedom” for the sake of my so called suppressed exhibitionist tendencies. Really, what is your purpose? I’ve already mentioned there is a bit of a rebel and exhibitionist in me, so the dream isn’t about suppressed anything. It’s all out there to see. Mainly, I just like being myself and doing what I like to do. Don’t wanna have to deal with covert pervertedness (which really are psychic subtle attacks to fulfill your own sick motives) but hey, I guess it comes with the territory until I clean up my vibration. Thank you for showing me that I need to expect better and better and better from humanity, and myself.

      • Please try to see it from my point of view. I try to welcome all, just keep it respectful. I can really go there with someone and it isn’t pretty. I don’t like to be her, because it isn’t becoming and it separates instead of brings together. I think the convo began well with talk of ur book, then it began to be about me and how I shd go topfree more often, how I stop wearing a bra, how I shouldn’t be ashamed of my breasts because they are beautiful. NONE of which applied to me, or had anything to do with the WORK. So my anger and disgust is justified. I attempted to be cordial and professional but you wouldn’t have it. You insisted on seeing another side of me that wd have been totally unnecessary if you had just stayed on topic. Notice most others in the thread had self control, except the violent ones. This type of thing is why women won’t want to be topfree, I’m not going to pretend to like all of ur comments, I don’t care how many literary contacts you have. Now please respect that and take responsibility for your words.

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