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Support and Attacks on Topfreedom and the T.I.T.S. Movement

As it stands, T.I.T.S. is a movement of one, physically. Although, in spirit, and through the power of their complaints, people are supporting or attacking the Right to Bare Breasts. I was almost arrested today. I quoted laws to the offending officers but none of that worked. The cops rolled up behind me while I was chillin, minding my business on a bench on the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, and told me that I could be arrested for endangering the welfare of a child because their parents were complaining about me being topless. They said they had about 10 or 20 people complain, and if they had waited, it could have been 50. I explained that children are not being harmed, and I am exercising my right. Besides, children breast feed up until 2 or 3 at times. They were angry and frustrated and said that I wasn’t using “common sense.” I guess today was a test, because this was my second day to do this on that location, and I wasn’t bothered before, but I quieted my solar plexus, my will, and I used my head and calculated what the physical, emotional, monetary, and long-term costs would be to be arrested at this time. Output=not worth it. Maybe another day, but I still refused to agree with their reasons as to why I should put my top back on. They asked for my ID, and I said “I’m complying by putting my clothes on, so I don’t understand why you would need that.” Today, I understood the power of threats and intimidation to get compliance. I had no fear, I just didn’t feel it would be worth it to go through the discomfort of being arrested. I suffered a migraine and emotional pain all night, thinking about the man who I would soon decide to let go, for my own good and his. I’m sure he won’t miss the long texts of me explaining how my needs aren’t being met, and I will enjoy the power of balance, discernment, and exercising my right to end the relationship. He actually told me the other day “You don’t make the rules here.” But what he failed to realize is….I DO, I WILL…and most importantly I AM THAT I AM. I created him, so I can create another reality. It really is my right. I choose to put my metaphorical top on and leave the park of that situation crying, just like I did today in real life, knowing in both situations that I avoided a totally unnecessary uncomfortable situation. Sometimes the growth from situations can come from making a choice NOT to go through something. There are many ways to learn.

Anywho, on a positive nod to the movement, please check out a very POWERFUL response from India Olowokande-Ame’ye:

 I am so excited to catch up on all this. Thank you Itheopiah Chiamaka you too are very powerful…I peeped yr goddess a long time ago ;). no I haven’t done much of anything on the internet. I had to take a break from photographing and filming and sit quietly, alone…for a few months. Gave myself full permission to do that. But I’m cumming out my yoni temple soon, soon. Also I’m finalizing my book, and things are happening offline. I’m abt to go get a glass of wine and check this out. Thank u, I love when black women bare our breasts and write about it. We are meant to be alive and loving outloud and all that juicy jazz. So just seeing yr picture magnetized mah lil smile, u have no idea! Xo…Wow, just watched your brilliance and I’m sooo moved by your candidness, commitment, and sincerity. What an honor and pleasure to read your words and watch the accompanying video in all its rawness. I tell ya, I appreciate your movement and courage to do what u are doing. Now u got me thinking abt the “laws” and knowing my rights and honoring my right to do so. I am out of doors, topless at minimum, at least once a day and I do believe that breasts are powerlines to the divine, and when I started taking time to allow them to feel the sun, wind, rain, clouds, grass, rocks, trees, wata, red clay ,u name it..that’s really when they began to come alive again, carrying tremendous life force energy. I don’t wear bras and stopped wearing them abt six or seven years ago and my breasts sit how they sit…plus I command them to do so u know. I tell my body how I want it to be. The mind has great command ova the anatomy and how smart the bra companies and BIG Pharma (because bras have been linked to breast cancer) are to make (some) women believe if we stop wearing bras our gorgeous breasts will sag, if 1. Its true 2. There is something “wrong” with breasts that fall….when breasts that fall are lovely and can contain just as much life as breasts that sit high. Also many women believe that their breasts will fall with age or childbirth….the body does whateva the owner thinks and feels it should do…that is the silent command we have ova ourselves. I love my breasts…omg …do I. Yes honeys I do…and my breasts know it too and that get all happy when I talk with them, rub them, kiss them, set them free, and tell them what to do. Girl I’m over the moon and off topic now, but I just love u Helese and I love what u are doing. I nearly in tears typing. Wheeee! Xo

I couldn’t have said it better. This woman is one of my role models. She so eloquently stated my reasons why I choose to bare my breasts and the healing therein. Even though I “stood down” today, movement won’t stop-today I chose to be water, not earth, and comply to fit into the container of this FUCKED UP SOCIETY….But the movement won’t end. Tied to my personal liberation, it has only just begun.


26 thoughts on “Support and Attacks on Topfreedom and the T.I.T.S. Movement

  1. I’m sorry that you had to change how you support the movement. Me being a man, I haven’t dealt with that type of restriction. Then again, I am a practicing nudist. I practice everywhere it is legal to do so. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. If I ever visit New York, I’ll try to listen to you sing/recite poetry.

    • I didn’t really have to. You have to know that I just find some things more important than others. I will re emerge again though, I’m sure. Thanks for the support.

  2. I’m a writer from Freeport, United States just forwarded this onto a coworker who was performing some research on this. And she actually ordered me lunch simply because I discovered it for her… lol. Actually, allow me to paraphrase this…. Thanks for the meal… But yeah, thanx for taking some time to talk about this subject here on your blog.

  3. dave says:

    i love breasts i would love to see all women to bare them more. if i can take off my shirt why can’t women. and helese you done a real good thing hon. so please email me love to hear from you.

  4. If this is what you want to spend your time promoting, it is your funeral. Madness comes in degrees and in the society where I belong, only mad women bare their breasts and feel no shame because they are beside themselves. Your claim of being I AM THAT I AM, an appellation that belongs only to God, is sufficient proof that you have been possessed by drugs or the devil. What a grave blasphemy! Repent now or regret in eternity.

  5. HI, have you ever tried to connect with Moira Johnston? I gather she’s also in New York with an interest in promoting top freedom. I believe that there is strength in numbers and perhaps if you would do you topfree activities with a group then there would be less of the desire to infringe your legal rights. I laud and applaud your strength to stand up for what you believe is the right thing to do not just because the law says it’s ok but because this is what you feel inside you

    • Thank you. I’m sure we will cross paths soon and when I feel inspired I will contact her…thank you for the support and for understanding the reasons why I do what I do.

  6. Regina says:

    I really appreciate your top free movement! I imagine that the people who are the most threatened by your top free movement (the officers and alleged complaining families) are the ones who stand to undergo the biggest transformation from your movement. I bet the officers and the families came home and told their friends and family about seeing you and your explanation about your right to be top free. Perhaps their friends and families better understood your point of view. Keep up your courage!

  7. I just wanna say. I do like the idea; the only problem I have is the queero pervs that’ll be following women home and this kind of thing. If people weren’t so idiotic, it would be nice.
    Cause it is Dammmmn hottttt out here in Los Angeles, CA.
    I wish I could go topless.
    But, even if it were okay to do it, I wouldn’t because of the perverts.
    Have you been in a library recently?

    Go right now to any library look over in the teen section …
    you see … 50 and 60 year old pervs sitting there pretending they are reading.
    did you know they go jack off in the bathroom after that?
    did you here about that 47 year old man who got beat to death cause he was
    humping on a 5 year old girl; thank God her dad caught him.
    It was his last hump.

    This World is too perverted to even think about it.
    I would like to go somewhere Like maybe to an Island where
    it’d be okay.

    The nude beaches are good for this.

    As you see, however, there are no children allowed to the nude beach.
    And, no I don’t have a problem with children seeing women’s breasts,
    it’s these old perverts that annoy me, and clog up the Earth’s atmosphere
    with their Negative, creepy thoughts.

    • What is a perv exactly, can you define that? Why should I care about what someone is doing in their car when they are not in my personal space? Do you realize that your judgemental thoughts towards so called pervs are creating more situations like that. Look up law of attraction. It seems like your thoughts are negative and creepy because you keep dwelling on what you don’t want. I almost couldn’t read your comment without feeling like it was an attack on my psyche. I don’t really consider pervs. If everyone were walking about topfree, I really don’t think that it would be a big deal anymore. Your response was full of fear, and you really need to look at that.

  8. strangequarkslikeitfunky says:

    Hey Helese, I’ve been practicing “top-freedom” (although never labeled it so eloquently) in Austin since I learned it was legal under the Texas Constitution. Austin has its fair share of nudity including men biking around in thongs, or even naked bike riding (, so I’ve never had an issue exercising my right to bare breasts. It came as a surprise to me when I left to go camping an hour or so outside of Austin and heard parents telling their children to keep looking straight ahead and not to stop walking on the hiking trail. I can only hope that those children will have other influences in their life that will nurture a healthy and proud relationship toward their bodies as they grow older.
    I just want you to know that you have a fan in Austin, Texas and I wanted to thank you for being bold and putting your words into the world to make a change.

    In solidarity,

    PS: I was doing research on bras and the link to sagging boobs. There are an abundance of pop culture blogs that say that no bra = saggy boobs, but the two or three (albeit imperfect) scientific studies on the matter showed that wearing a bra actually makes the ligaments in your boobs weaken and atrophy because the burden of boob weight rests on the shoulders instead. Now, just for comfort reasons, and because my tits are pretty perky on their own, I haven’t been wearing bras for about 6 months now, but it’s nice to have a little science backing me up instead of listening to windbag ladies on the Pink Show. Another rule of thumb I practice is the “is it natural?” test when it comes to issues with my body. And I’m pretty positive our ancestors never went bra shopping at their nearest Victoria’s Secret after a long hard day of gathering water and picking berries…

  9. Orisegun Olomidun says:

    I support your convictions and this movement. It’s about time to push pass the boundaries of the small minded. The stardards of an invading force shouldn’t be propped up maintained just because.

  10. steve says:

    yeh str8 n narrow people wanting you 2 cover up,they r ashamed of there bodies becuse there perents told them it was wrong not 2 cover up,,kids wont have a problem with your breasts ,they wont even look,the church people came over here in nz from england put the native people in cloths and told them it was wrong being top less or naked and when it rained they got wet and cold and sick then died,they did a gr8 jop with there bibles and narrow minds
    im a portrait artist ,you have a body i would luv to sketch and paint,im sure most complaining about it realy do like looking at you

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