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Your Imagination Is Your Worst Enemy

When driving and in relationships, your imagination can sometimes be your worst enemy.

You’re not helping anyone by thinking up bad shit that hasn’t happened, or re-living travesties of the past. This is something that I’m learning with the person I’m currently seeing. It’s funny, because I thought I was past all that negative thinking and doubt, because I who knows that I deserve all things good, would never sabotage a great (sexy, amazing) experience by negative thinking. But it creeps up and rears it’s ugly head when you least expect it.

Unfortunately, the person can end up thinking that it’s about them, but you know that’s not true. Anytime something pops up in your head, and you end up bringing up something not quite desirable that was not incited by any external experience in the relationship, it totally comes from you. And that can lead to a little nasty thing called .projection. It goes something like this


You: “Babe, are you having doubts about us?”

Them: “No, where is this coming from?”

You: “Well, I was watching that episode of The Game and-”

Them: “Well that’s not us. Listen, I know I’m not giving you a reason to think that I feel any differently about you. Do you trust me?”

The problem is that you don’t trust the situation or yourself enough to let go, and just Love freely. Allow yourself to feel that good and TRUST that this person is who they say they are! Believe in your choices…you made them for a reason.

Not only that, the best way to soothe your fears and insecurities is to just know that, like a good friend told me, “you deserve too good to be true.”

And it is so.


5 thoughts on “Your Imagination Is Your Worst Enemy

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  2. I agree! I’ve been having this same problem with other things in my life. Every time there is something I want to do, or a place I want to go, I start thinking up shit that hasn’t happened! I end up not doing what I wanted to and then the shit thinking starts up again. A vicious, limiting, cycle I get caught in. I just have to learn to be nicer to myself and trust that I deserve too good to be true.

    Thank you for your post! I enjoyed it!

    • You’re welcome. I find that Abraham-Hicks videos on Youtube help. Sometimes forcing myself to smile helps. Right now even, I feel depressed. But I have to realize that this is all a game, our brain is the controller and our spirit is the player. We have to train our brains. We are God incarnate, we just have to remember that. Refer to the post whenever needed, let’s help each other remember who we really are.

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