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8 Ways to Reject a Drunk Text

I guess Jay-Z was right. Maybe 30 really is the new 20.

I’m gonna make this short and sweet. I met a nice guy and hung out with him a few times. He had his good qualities and even seemed to get along with my friends. But overall, I still didn’t think of him as anything more than just a cool guy whom I had hung out with a few times. Needless to say I figured common sense boundaries were in place. So last night, I get a text:

omg i’m so drunk. hope we can hang out tomorrow

Being that I woke up early, about 7am, I was quite disoriented to begin with, and surprised to even see a text from this guy… let alone at 4:39am…and a drunk one at that.

Did I mention he’s 34?

Listen, I know I’m only 27, and I’m not the oldest biddy on the block, but I’m too old for THOSE kind of immature games.

I wanted to say “no” in so many ways:

  1. Flattered that you would think of me at such a low point in your life, but no.
  2. Charming (j/k). No.
  3. Like, WTF? Hell no!
  4. Hell to the naw!
  5. Yes….siiiiike. No. (lol)
  6. I think you just texted the wrong person.
  7. No.

I decided that the best way to reject this guy’s lush and ridiculous invitation was to do what speaks the loudest volumes of all. I ignored him. Silence is so golden.