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Ok, Cupid, You Can Do Better Than This: Why I Switched to Niso Soul Mates!

I don’t know what the legal implications are for copying and pasting messages exchanged on Okcupid’s site, I never read the fine print. So I’m just going to say that I paraphrased or “made up” this message and that it wasn’t a real guy who sent this to me. (You can believe what you want.) The title of this post was going to be really long:  Ok, Cupid, You Can Do Better Than This: Why Women Complain About Creepy Men on Online Dating Sites. I’m not going to go through a list of reasons why. Most of them may be bullshit. (They’re not.) But what you are about to read is one good reason why. Maybe I’m being a big baby. Maybe this really IS the 21st century and I should ask out guys, and have random sex, and turn off my emotions and act like it’s cool. But it isn’t. And neither is the guy sending this to me. On my birthday at that!

My name is Scott and I am a very charismatic, fun, and attractive man. I am a VERY hard worker with great character and integrity-when I say something I do it! I am the proud owner of 3 businesses. You are as dynamic a woman I have seen on this site, beautiful talented, smart, creative, and sexy. I know you’re not the type to take on a request like this but I have no lovers and I am becoming lonely. I have sexual and health needs that I would like to meet so that I can feel like a man and I am unwilling to hire a prostitute or sleep with a lady that is below my standards. I am 5’7” (for real not 5’4”), I have green eyes, I am shaved bald, in very good physical condition but I am not a model-type with the bulging muscles and six pack (YET! I love to work out and I am getting there!). What I am is respectful, trustworthy, drug and disease free (except I do smoke pot, but I rarely drink), I am known to be a very giving and proficient lover in the bedroom. I love to be aggressive in bed but also sensual, I also love when a woman is aggressive and takes over! I am known for my stamina and going all night! If you seek a man to sleep and hang out with that is not a sleeze, dirty, or a man whore and you are a good girl in need of sex and intimacy maybe we can co-fill a need. I also smoke blunts and I always have…

          Really Scott? Did you actually think I would agree to meeting you after you sent me such a creepy and insultingly forthright message?
          But luckily, there is a bright side to this situation. I recently decided to join a very cool dating movement called Niso Soul Mates.
          Here’s how I got involved: Over the summer, I got invited by a Facebook friend to a dating mixer. It was at a cool little spot in Brooklyn called Eve’s Lounge. I arrived much later than fashionably late, but I was impressed by what I did experience when I was there. I was asked by two very polite women at a table to fill out a dating questionnaire, and I was even asked about my dating “pet peeves.” I love that! (Don’t you love when people give you the platform to express what pisses you off?) I simply wrote “liars.” So, I was give a number “69” (oh, shut up) and was escorted to have a seat if I liked. Someone even ordered a drink for me, and in the next few minutes, a new fresh guy whom I had never met before was sitting in front of me, and we had some polite conversation. Then, it happened again, and again! I got to meet a few people that night, and the way the system worked, I didn’t have to do any work. As a Rules Girl I really like that. No wonder the theme for that night’s mixer was “Chivalry Is Not Dead.” It certainly was alive and well that night!
          Since that night Niso Soul Mates has expanded into a full blown online dating site. The amazing feature that I have not seen on ANY other dating site (and I’ve tried a few) is their innovative video profiles. See an example here! This means no more blind dates!
          I’m thrilled about this. Because come on people, we both know that the only reason our good friend “Scott” sent by “Cupid” (who is now, in my opinion, the Devil himself) felt even an ounce of comfort sending that message to me is because he doesn’t have the guts to say it in my face! But the new virtual dates that Niso Soul Mates offers eliminate all that fuss. You can meet someone before you meet them, for the ultimate enhanced online dating experience. I think this Valentine’s Day season I’m going to trade Cupid for Niso and try it on for size. Like my old Pastor used to say, “You have to see it before you see it!” Anyway,  it’s much safer that way.
          For more on the benefits of joining Niso Soul Mates today, see the interview I did with Nikki, the marketing director of thew new brand. This site will be doing a promotion for 50% off of all of their membership packages for a limited time. I know, I know, some sites are free you say. But do you get video profiles on those sites? (No.) Some things, like love, are worth investing in.

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2 thoughts on “Ok, Cupid, You Can Do Better Than This: Why I Switched to Niso Soul Mates!

  1. Tony Grend says:

    Wow, Sccot sounds like a lunatic and funny enough you know some dumb girl would fall for that blindly and say “I couldn’t tell he was crazy”.

    • Well, you know my dating history pretty well. I think I’ve had enough experience by now to know where there’s a red flag, and if that isn’t one than my name ain’t Helese. I mean can you believe he said “I am unwilling to pay for sex” or something like that? But you want me to sleep with you for free?

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